Furkan Sipahi- Translation Department Hieroglifs International

We welcome Furkan Sipahi, from Turkey!

Furkan comes from Istanbul, Turkey and he is a newly-graduate from Istanbul Arel University. Furkan speaks Turkish and English, and he also learned German during his classes in the university. After the graduation, he wanted to see the real professional work environment. He had the chance to come to Romania as an intern, thanks to the Erasmus internship program. Furkan visited Romania last year in winter and he liked the country and its culture a lot. Now, he is in Bucharest for an internship within Hieroglifs International.

Furkan enjoys new tastes and different cuisines and would describe himself as a gamer. He plays video games during his spare time. He also likes watching movies or TV series and Anime, enjoys reading novels and wants to be a game translator and then, a project manager.

We wish Furkan good luck and hope that the internship will be a rewarding experience to him!

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